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The Principal and Staff of Alfred the Great College are very happy to welcome you, if this is your first time with us, or welcome you back, if you are an old friend.

We look forward to another academic year and a further step on your continuing educational experience, that we hope you will find stimulating and rewarding.

We have designed a Student Handbook to help you find your way around the College and it should answer most of your questions. On registering as a student at Alfred the Great College, you become entitled to the facilities and services that the college has to offer, but you also agree to abide by its rules and regulations.

The Student Handbook is produced annually. Most of the services mentioned in its pages are available to all students, but there are a few exceptions that are clarified in the appropriate section.

Inevitability there will be occasions when you cannot find what you need over the next year, so for more information you should familiarise yourself with the College website and student web pages. You should also consult the other publications mentioned in the text as well as any handbook issued by the College.

Studying at Alfred the Great College is not solely about treading the ‘Path to Wisdom’ and the achieving of personal potential. The friends that you make and the experiences you share can enhance a lifetime. We strive at Alfred the Great College for the fully rounded student who is stimulated by education, challenged but not fenced in by its disciplines.

Enjoy yourself but also work hard. Those students who attend 80% plus of their scheduled teaching achieve the best results overall.

Plan your workload and consider carefully about how to manage your reading and preparation for written assignments and exam revision.

Relaxation is important, as we know the dangers of all work and no play!

As well as education, the college experience is about making new friends, finding new interests and making that balance between work and play. It is important that you look around yourself, and truly see the great city of London where you are studying, with its history and amenities. We have splendid local sports facilities, details of which you can find in the Student Handbook.

Please take full advantage of any help and support that we can give you, either through this Student handbook, online support or the staff of Alfred the Great College.

Any helpful suggestions for improving the Handbook are gratefully received.

We wish you every success during your time with us.

The Principal

Simon Creese-Parsons
(Non-Academic Principal)