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Alfred the Great College aims to provide an education grounded in the best traditions of a ‘Britishness’ that has been exported worldwide. Building on the old fashioned values of fairness, equality and excellence, we strive also for relevance in a fast moving global environment, providing those who study with us the most modern of facilities at our Barbican campus in London.

We are a secular and multi-cultural institution engaged in the building of bridges of tolerance between peoples of differing traditions. The gift of curiosity is a blessed one, enabling us to learn and explore the excitement of living in the 21st century.

The Alfred The Great College website provides a comprehensive source of information for all students planning to enrol,l or those simply wishing to know more about us. If you are in London may I take this opportunity to encourage you to come in and see us and discover what we are about. You will receive a warm and informative welcome.
We have regular welcoming parties and open days at the College, and you can also meet our representatives at the various seminars we hold throughout the world.

Should you choose to study with us at Alfred The Great College I can promise you a lively and stimulating seat of learning against the backdrop of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

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