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Biometric Security System - Easyvein Access

Easyvein Access is a biometric access control system that recognises the only body signature known today that cannot be forged: the finger's vascular system. Using this Hitachi infra-red sensor, it instantaneously authorises or refuses access to protected sites by identifying the system's user.

Airport Pick Up Service

Wherever you happen to be in the world, as long as you have access to the internet you are only a few clicks away from booking your airport taxi from, or a journey to, any one of London’s four main passenger airports - Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport ,and Luton Airport. Rates vary from £ 20 to £45 depending on the airport, number of passengers and their London destination. Book a pick-up online by completing the order form, email or call us direct on 0207 856 9923 and speak to a member of our transfer service, who will be more than happy to be of assistance to you.


The canteen is on the lower ground floor of the College, providing home-reared, home-grown and home-cooked food for students, staff and visitors to the College. Here at Alfred The Great we like to make our students feel at home away from home so we serve Asian, Caribbean, Arabic and English dishes. In fact the food’s so good your parents might want to move in!

Computer Lab

Access to computing resources managed by Alfred the Great College is controlled using a username and password. Computer resources include two computer labs, one for course work, one for general use, as well as the library computers. There is also free internet access through out the College.

Printing & Photocopy Facilities

A photocopier is located in the Reception area that can be used by the students but only when you have obtained permission from the Student Services office or from a lecturer to do so. You are allowed to use the photocopier for private purposes upon payment of five pence per page. Otherwise, if you need to copy notes or course materials you can do so free of charge once having obtained permission from your course lecturer. Similarly, if you need to print something out from a computer, you will need to pay five pence per page and request permission from a member of staff.


Our ever growing library has in addition to important course-work a wide range of books on subjects including History, English, Literature, Art, Travel and General Knowlodge.
We recommend that students join a public library either in the area in which they live, or nearer to the College. You will have to show proof of residence by producing a utility bill, bank statement, etc. A public library card provides you with access to all libraries in the same Borough. For further information, you can consult Students’ Services Department.