“Through Education comes Wisdom”
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91-K Model Town Lahore Pakistán
Tel: 0092 42 359 00091

1.- Parents & Students, EVERYONE is invited to AGC Lahore
2.- Come in to learn more about AGC
3.- On the spot 1 to 1 Assessments
4.- Meet team nembers of AGC - Barbican. London

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91-K Model Town Lahore Pakistán
Tel: 0092 42 359 00091

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From its convenient central Barbican location, Alfred The Great College, is shoulder to shoulder with the heart of the square mile of the original city of London, its five-storey building typifies the mixture of ‘the old and the new’ that is such a feature of this part of the metropolis.

We at Alfred the Great College are dedicated to delivering to our students, an education second to none in scope and quality as described on the College crest: “Through Education comes Wisdom”. more information ....

Welcome Letter

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Fast Career Track Courses

→ Business Management
→ Business Information
→ Financial Management
→ Marketing
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Pre-Offer Requirements

you must bring the originals of all your documents with you on the first day of admission
The documents we require are as follows:

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